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Let’s be honest, everyone would like to make a lot of money and do nothing at the same time. Well, that might just be possible thanks to the Tesler app. This amazing software can guarantee you passive income, and the best thing is that you almost have to do nothing.

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I know that it sounds too good to be true but we’ll get into that in a minute. Not only that you will earn money by doing nothing, but you can also learn a few things from the trading robot so you can trade on your own.

What is?

Tesler is sophisticated software that does all the trading instead of you. You just have to turn on the robot and let it do its thing. You just have to invest a little money, and this app will make sure you make a lot of money every day.


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The Tesler was created back in 2016 by a group of professional traders. The creator is Steven Abrahams, but he had a lot of help from other experienced people. You shouldn’t try to understand how this software works, because this app relies on a sophisticated algorithm that does everything for you. You should only think about all the money this app will help you make.

How to start?

Well, the first thing you have to do is create an account. This process is very fast and quite simple. All you have to do is fill out the registration form with your valid info, and that’s pretty much it. After you verify your account, you’ll be ready to trade with a bunch of currencies.

Depositing money

TeslerBefore you start trading, you’ll have to deposit some money into your account. The minimum amount is $300, but no one will stop you from depositing more money. If you invest more money, you’ll have a chance to earn more money.

Depositing money should be very easy and fast. You’ll also have multiple payment options, so you should choose whichever works the best for you. They all do the same thing, so it really doesn’t matter if you choose one or another.

It usually takes a few minutes to see the money in your account. Once the transaction is finished, you can start trading and making a lot of money.

Demo mode

If you are a beginner in this world, you should probably see how the market works and try out some features this platform offers. You can do all this in the demo mode. You won’t have to risk your money right away because you’ll be given some fake money and you’ll be able to open and close trades. Keep in mind that you can earn any real money while using this mode.

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Once you learn enough about the market, you can switch over to the real thing. You just have to turn on the auto-trading mode, and that is pretty much it. However, you’ll be asked to set up some parameters before the trading robot starts working. You have to choose which currencies you want to trade with. There are a lot of choices, and you can choose either one. Whether you want to trade with Bitcoin or choose some coin that’s new, the robot will make sure you earn money.

Making thousands of dollars

We won’t go into details about how this software works because it’s very complicated and most people don’t understand. All that matters is that you’ll have a couple of thousands of dollars more every day. If you invest only $300, the app will help you make around $250 every hour. If you do the math, that’s more than $5,000 every single day. That means that you can earn quite a lot of money in a short period.


Of course, you might earn a little less money sometimes, so you shouldn’t expect to win every single trade. There still isn’t software that can guarantee 100% win, so you should keep that in mind. Even though this app doesn’t have the perfect win rate, you can still expect to win 9 out of 10 rates. That’s still much better than other apps that do the same thing.

Fast withdrawals

Once you decide to withdraw your profit, you should have your money pretty fast. After you complete the transaction, you should get your money in the next 24 hours. It might take a little more time sometimes, but that’s only when there are a lot of requests for withdrawals.

Money management

You’ll have to make a choice when it comes to money. You can either withdraw your profits, or you can reinvest them. It’s recommended to withdraw your profits in the beginning. Once you get more experienced, you can invest and trade with more money.

Invest only what you can afford to lose

Since there aren’t trading robots that can guarantee a 100% win rate, you’ll have to be careful when trading. Markets can be very volatile, and you might end up losing some trades. That’s why you should risk more money than you can afford to lose. If you lose trade in the wrong money, you might end up losing more money than you should’ve.

It’s very safe to invest only the minimum amount, and deposit more money later once you gain more experience.

Is Tesler a scam?

TeslerWe did a little investigation before making the final verdict. After creating the account, we deposited only $300. The money was in the account in the next few minutes, so they didn’t lie about that part. After we turned on the auto trading option, we left the robot working for 24 hours. We wanted to make sure that you can really earn as much money as they said. Well, after looking at the account the next day, we were surprised. The trading robot managed to earn close to $5,000 in just one day. We managed to withdraw that money right away, and the money was in the bend the next day. After using the app and earning a lot of money, we can confirm that this is not a scam.



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