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Just like anyone else, you would like to make thousands of dollars without doing anything. Well, you can do exactly that thanks to the Master Coin. You can turn your initial investment into something very big and finally live a life as you’ve always wanted.

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How it works

Before you start trading, you’ll have to register on the platform. This is a very fast and simple step. All you have to do is fill out the registration form with your valid info.

The next step is to verify your account. They have to make sure that you are a real person, so you won’t be able to withdraw your money if you entered the wrong information.


Once your account is ready, you’ll have to make the initial deposit of $250. With the help of a sophisticated trading robot, you’ll be able to make thousands of dollars with just that deposit. We’ll go into details in a bit.

Free license

The best part of using this trading app is that you don’t have to pay for the license. Registration is completely free, and you just have to deposit at least $250 to start trading. You won’t run into any hidden fees, so you’ll be able to take all the profit you make.

Making money

Probably the most important thing about Master Coin is making money every day. You won’t have to worry about anything because the robot does everything instead of you. All you have to do is set up some parameters and the robot will do the rest.


This sophisticated algorithm analyzes the market in seconds and opens trades based on that information. The software doesn’t have a 100% accuracy rate, but you can expect to win most of your trades. People report winning 8 out of 10 trades in most cases, so you’ll still be able to make a lot of money even when losing a couple of trades sometimes.

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Manual trading

Master Coin is made for beginners and professional traders, and the whole point is to let the robot do everything instead of you. However, if you have a lot of experience, and know what you are doing, you can switch to manual trading. You’ll still have some help from the software, but you’ll be risking a lot more by turning off the auto trading.

Fast transactions

It’s quite useful having a platform that can give you your money very fast. When it comes to deposits, you can choose multiple payment options, but whether you choose one or another, you’ll see your money in the account in just a few minutes.

I think that you’ll care more about withdrawals. You’ll be pleased to hear that you can have your money in the next 24 hours. After you finish the transaction, the money should be transferred to your bank the next day. It might take a little more time sometimes, but you’ll still get your money faster than anywhere else.

Insane profit

You’re probably skeptical when you see that this software helps you make thousands of dollars every day. However, that is completely true. You can take a look at some of the reviews other users posted. All of them made a lot of money in a short period.


If you are willing to invest more money, you’ll have a chance to make a lot more money, but keep in mind that there’s a chance that you’ll lose more money if the price goes against you.

Risk management

It’s very important to manage your money. You shouldn’t risk all your money in just one trade and you definitely should deposit all your money here. The market can be very volatile, and you can lose all your money in just a minute. That’s why you should invest only what you are prepared to lose. However, this sophisticated software will help you out more than you can think, and losing all your money is almost impossible.

Is Master Coin a scam?

Before the final verdict, we wanted to make sure that the Master Coin platform works just like they’ve said. We made an account and verified it in just a few minutes. After that, we deposited only $250 via credit card. The money was in the account in just a few minutes and we were ready to start trading. We decided to try out the auto trading option and left the robot work for 24 hours. After we came back, the robot made a little over $1000 in just one day. We decided to withdraw that money instead of reinvesting it. The money was in the bank the very next day so we can confirm that this app is not a scam since we managed to make some money and withdraw it later.

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