Is CM Trading safe to use?

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Everyone who would like to start trading would like to have their money secured. Well, that’s where CM Trading comes in handy. All your investments will be protected and you won’t have to worry about a thing while making some money.

CM Trading is a platform that offers a lot of advantages, and you can earn more money by using this platform than any other. We’ll go into details in a minute to show you why this platform is worth investing in.

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This trading platform is regulated by the FSCA. Their headquarters is in Seychelles in Africa. Even though this isn’t under European regulations, you won’t have to worry because FSCA is also highly regulated.

The whole point of this trading platform is to ensure a fair marketplace for everyone in the market. One of the perks here is that the brokers don’t have access to client’s funds, so they couldn’t steal their money even if they wanted to. Once you deposit your money, your money will be kept safe in a secure place.

Keeping client’s funds separate from the company accounts is one of the regulations. They wanted to make sure that no one can harm their clients.


If you decide to use this trading platform, you will have access to leverage. We know that there are a lot of people who can’t invest thousands of dollars right away. That’s why they will appreciate 400:1 leverage. That means that you can trade with $400,000 instead of $1,000. You’ll be able to make a lot more money in a short period, but keep in mind that you are exposed to more risk.

Types of accounts

This trading platform offers a couple of types of accounts, and you can choose whichever seems the best for you.

Play Now Gamez 14Bronze Account

CM Trading offers a bronze account, and some perks come with this account. You will be able to use demo trading, but that’s not all. If you choose this account, you will be able to deposit up to $1000 at once, and use up to 200:1 leverage. This account also comes with some guides for free.

Play Now Gamez 15Silver Account

This type of account also comes with demo trading and some other features. You will be able to deposit between $1,000 and $10,000 on this account. The leverage stays the same, so you will be able to use up to 200:1 leverage. On top of that, the spread will be as low as 0.9 and you will get some cashback. They offer $2 back per Mill.

Play Now Gamez 16Premium Account

If you are a professional trader and have a lot of confidence, then this account is just perfect for you. Although this account requires deposits larger than $50,000, you will have a lot of perks. You will get all the next right away, have direct access to the trading room, and a lot more.


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Market Instruments

CM Trading offers more than 50 instruments to trade. This includes more than 28 currency pairs, Indices Trading, Commodities Trading, Currency Trading, and CFDs.

CMThis platform allows you to trade with at least 0.01 Lot. This may vary based on the account you choose, but you will be able to open really small trades.


Just like other brokers, this platform takes a small fee from the spread. That’s the difference between the buying and selling point. The minimum spread for trading EURUSD is 0.7 pips. That seems pretty low compared to the average spread.

If you were to buy one lot of EURUSD and sell it the next day, you would likely pay close to $0 in fees. That’s because the exchange rate is just too good here.

Deposit and withdrawal

If you want to live trade, you have to deposit at least $100. You will have multiple payment options like bank transfer, credit card, Neteller, and others. You can choose either one of these because they all do the same thing.

If you want to withdraw your money, you will have to go to the website and click on the withdrawal button. After you complete the withdrawal request form, you just have to click on the “request a withdrawal”. You should have your money in the next 24 hours.

How to register

Is very simple to register on CM Trading. To create an account, you have to find and fill out the registration form. It takes a few minutes, and you should enter your real information. Once this information gets verified, you’ll be ready to start trading.


If you want to open a demo account, you will have to click on add account and select the demo option. The demo mode allows you to see how the market works and try out the features before investing your money.

Keep in mind that it might take some time to get your information verified. You won’t be able to trade right away because a real person needs to validate your information first.

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CM24/7 customer support

If you run into some problems, you will help during the day or night. If you are not that familiar with English, you can get help in Chinese, Arabic, Spanish or Indonesian.

This company offers a live chat option so you can get help right away instead of submitting a form and waiting for a response.


Using CM Trading means that you will have the latest information at all times. This will help you with your trades because you can make decisions based on that information.

On top of having all the important information, you can take a look at technical analysis. This can be very useful when trading because you can predict where the price will go. It takes some time to master this skill, but CM Trading has you covered, so you won’t have to worry about this part. You will get help in every aspect.

Is CM Trading a scam?

CMWe wanted to make sure that CM Trading is totally legit, so we tried it out. The registration part was quite easy and it didn’t take a lot of time. Getting our account verified was pretty fast so we were able to start trading almost right away.

We choose the bronze account because it requires only a $100 deposit. We decided to use all the help we can get for trading. There was quite a lot of information so we were able to win some money because the technical analysis was on point. After spending some time on this platform, we made some money and managed to withdraw it without any problems. It took under one day to see the money in the bank. After using CM Trading and making some money, we can confirm that this is not a scam and you can really earn some money by trading on this platform.


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